Saturday, October 24, 2009


OMG!!!!OMG!!!!OMG!!!!OMG!!!!-I have been featured....I have been featured... I am so happy... I have been featured!!!-lol

I have been featured on's Journey to Natural Spotlight!!!

I am so happy!!!!

and it sure feels good!!!!

Here is the damn link....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nails...Nails...Nails..Snazzy Nails!! :0)

Since I have been embarking on this natural journey on my hair, I decided to give the acrylic nails a break... and I'm going to do my nails myself.. I enjoy giving myself weekly manicures anyway...

Here is what I did for this week... I call this "Space Sparkle"


Here is a close-up... See the glitter.. I love wearing glitter on top of color... It gives it more of my personality... I will be doing it more with more colors... and different types of glitters...


Moving on... Here is some pics of me && my hair...


I fall in love with it more as the days go by...Until next time... Nickki B. Outtie!!!

Love....I Guess...

is my best friend..
a lover..
a confidant...
Very sure of himself...
see him as he complements
"my crazy/beautiful life"
i can always be open with him
which makes me close to him
made me fall head over heels in
with him.

*The End*