Friday, February 26, 2010

Hmmm... The Next Stage..Goodbye TWA??

Boucle' you are changing....Goodbye TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro)

Well, I think my hair is growing out of that TWA stage. My hair has new demands

1. De-tangling more since the longer my hair is getting, the more knots I am having, so that means combing twice a week instead of once a week when I had a TWA.

2. Boucle' is getting fairy knots!!!-How the hell this happens?? No damn clue!!!-but I have to.... moisturize my hair more than usual.. but now...I am braking out like crazy!! now I have to figure something else out...

3. Boucle' cannot stand product I have to use a cheap clarifying shampoo for my hair once a least or she will bitch and make my scalp itch.

I am going to miss having a TWA. It is quite of a adjustment changing my routine a but to accommodate everything but I am loving this journey!!

Slowly saying goodbye to this..

and slowly growing into this...

and what might clue!!
? Pictures, Images and Photos

but i'll let you ppl know...

Gotta go but come back now!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yay!!!-Almond Milk!!

I freaking love it!!! It taste so damn good!!!-My whole life has changed since Almond milk came into my life...

Find it at your local supermarket!!!

almond milk Pictures, Images and Photos

Try it in Vanilla...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

March 08 2009!!

Was the last time I used the creamy crack... To make this anniversary a kick ass one, I plan/will do something cool to my hair... Many people may not like it but who gives a shit.. Its my fuck off... in advance... and it will have color involved...lmao!!

This will be fun...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

WRGMG...From the Bestie Raheem!!!

I took this from his status on FB..

"I'm getting tired of seeing grown ass men not wearing belts. Put a belt on fellas no one wants to see shi# stains on your draws. There is no reason for a thirty year old to be wearing there jeans off there ass. We are not in jail and dressing that way does'nt make you gangsta. Real niggas do real things."

Nuff Said... lmao!!

Here is a pic...for yall people that live in

Baggy jeans Pictures, Images and Photos

This is disgusting... These people have to do better...
Nickki B. Out!!!

The Many Questions Random PPL Ask...

About my damn hair... I don't have a long time to write this all out...So here is goes!!

1.) What made you go natural?
--I was tired of the burns and breakage that having a relaxer brings... Its like having a relationship w/ a person who damages you in some way... Gotta get rid of it.

2.) How long did you transition?
--6 1/2 months

3.) Did you cut your hair yourself?
--Yes, I did..

4.) How did you feel after you cut your hair??
--I felt free a last, free at last...Thank Buddha I am free at last!!-No more suffering!!

5.) Why is some parts of your hair is different?
--I have more than ONE TEXTURE in my hair. Tight curls by my ears, corkscrews in the back, and wavy from crown to front of my hair... When I put gel in my hair... The wavy hair looks straight... Hey I have a mixed heritage...and it shows in my hair...

6.) Are you a product junkie?
--Yes, how the hell imma find what my multi-textured hair likes!!!

7.) What products do you use and will it work for my hair??
--Eco-Styler Gel, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted or Hello Hydration conditioners and Tousle me Softly Mouse , Elasta QP DPR-11, Cantu Shea Butter, Organix Vanilla Silk(i think) Shampoo and Conditioner, Tresemme Flawless Curls Conditioner.---I can't think of anything else right now...

OHH!!! && I take GNC Hair, Skin and Nails supplements...

8.)Do you have YouTube?
Yes--nbuddington085... I need to do more videos... I been busy, I have a life...4 now!!

9.) What color you have in your hair and how many times you color it??
-- Its Clairol Textures and Tones... I think its Ruby Rage...not sure and I color my roots every 3 months or so..

10.) Do you do any specific styles?
--No not really...I do wash and goes.. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall...
Why you ask???
--a.)My hair is so many textures that it does not stay in a certain style for long...
--b.)My hair does not like 3 strand braids... It tangles up and my hair starts bitching!!
--c.)Too much time... and I became natural because I wanted everything to be low-maintenance.
--d.)&&&&&&&&&&&&&& my hair loves it.. and it has the growth to prove it..

11.)Do you have a certain length you wanna grow your hair to?
--No, no really, As long as it is healthy its fine with me... I don't care about I have to have bra strap length crap... Its like me saying I wanna weight 105 lbs tomorrow... Its not going to happen. I am just letting my hair grow and flourish.. I wanted my hair healthy and it is... MY GOAL HAS BEEN MET!!!

12.) Do you have a twitter?
--Yes.. NickkiBMonroe

13.)Do you have a facebook?

14.)Would you ever go back to a relaxer??
--Not no... but HELL NO!!

15.)What has changed since you became natural?
--I became at one with myself finally... I am happy the way I am inside and out and my hair shows it. I feel whole and reached my little nirvana....

Namaste && Many Blessings.. Peace Out!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

LITK Meetup at DoJo'sYesterday!!!!

OMFG!!! It was amazing!!!

Seeing all these beautiful women with all these beautiful hairstyles discussing what they do or not do to their hair was freaking amazing. I mean I got there late because I woke up late and then I got lost but I am so glad I got there because it was wonderful. I forgot my camera so I was not able to get pics but I will most def. get some pics sometime thus week to show you guys and girls...

Z-is sooo hot!! I think I have a teeny tiny crush on her... she is just so cool!!!

Here is her blog!!!-->

I wish I can say my night ended well...

Well, when I left Dojo's Restaurant, I had a terrible headache that converted into a migraine...I have no idea how I made it home but I can tell you that I threw up all of the guacamole and chips that I have consumed in front of my neighbor's house and i threw up all over my bed...YUCK!!!!-My mom cleaned up all of my mess and I went to sleep..curled up into a ball until like 3 the morning. I woke up, migraine gone!!!!! Cold as ever because my space-heater was really bright and when I have a migraine, I cannot stand light or noise...I finally was able to stand light and turn on my space-heater and finally able to go to sleep.

My cats and dog slept by me all morning... I woke up much much better..

&& I am writing this post right now..

Ta-Ta 4 Now!!