Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spotlight!!!-->Tiffany "NEW YORK" Pollard

I like her better w/ a natural look..cuz those weaves are horrendous!!!!

What do you think???

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pic of the Week!!

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I lover her hair!!-its fab!!
Her makeup....could be better...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Straight Up Saturdays....w/ my Jassy-Jas!!

Here is my bestie Jas...she wears her hair both ways...all the time so...Imma feature her w/ her hair wavy and straightened...


This is her hair as

&& this is Simba straightened...


Friday, January 21, 2011

Song of the day...Well...Night....Yay!!!


Spotlight!!-->Pure Romance with Latericia Green :-)

**One of my buddies is starting her own business...I wanted everyone to go see and help yourself by helping her...You will get it as you read**

I’m going to make it some way, some how!

Hey there! It’s Latericia Green AKA Uniquely Green!!!!!! Have you met one of those type people that are always happy, Love Life and everything it has to offer, that’s ME!!!!! People tell me all the time that I have such a bubbly personality (but I think it’s just a nice way to call me crazy). I am so a people person and love meeting new people all the time! My husband and I have been married for almost two wonderful years …….and the kids…… well, I have one eight year old son and three step kids they are a set of 8 year old twins (boy & girl) and a 17 year old girl (Lord have mercy) but I would not trade any of them for the world!

Human Resources have been my profession for the past 7 years. I work a normal 8-5 in a hospital environment!!!! I love what I do because I can interact with PEOPLE all the time plus we have a laid back atmosphere and my co-workers are cool. I have ALWAYS wanted to own my own business of some kind. I prayed several times that the Lord would give me ideas to reach that dream of mines. Deep down I am such a hustler and have always been willing to try anything (legally lol) that could/would put my feet through the door of opportunity. Hubby and I even tried to sale “knock-off” purses and clothes (it was not too successful.) Then it hit me…I want my own accessory boutique store!! But that big question mark came….”and where are you going to get the money for this, Unique????” Ok, back to the drawing board I go….I see I need easy & fast cash to accomplish this but how……..

I have been to Slumber Parties before and I work with a lady that also does them so I know all about the business. One of my close friends recently started with the company Pure Romance and she was sharing her stories with me and that dang gone light bulb went off again!!!! I am sooooo a people person and then I get to talk about something fun too….SEX!!! WOW!!!! Sign me up!!!!! I became a Pure Romance consultant the Day of Thanksgiving 2010…..Happy “Black Friday” to me!!! Within two weeks with the company and I had fallen in Love with my new found nitch. I hosted my first PR party and I knew then the sky was the limit!!!! I begun meeting /reading other Pure Romance Consultants successful stories and I was like……” I want some of that!!!!” I want to be just like some of them and make $100,000+ a year, take SEVERAL FREE trips sponsored by Pure Romance and last but not least I want to quit my FULL TIME JOB!!! It will happen just by working a few parties a month for only a few hours a night. I am after ONLY working for myself and become a Senior Director for Pure Romance. OH, and I would love to drive that FREE pink and black H3 Hummer that they have for the top level ladies!!!!! Everyone knows that sex sales. With this type of business….I cannot lose! I want to give my family I know they deserve to have. I want it all and I will defiantly let Pure Romance to take me where I want to go and also allow it to help create ‘Uniquely Green Boutique’!!!! You better remember that name ‘Uniquely Green’ because I promise you will hear it again one day some way, somehow.

If you would love more information about me, my journey as a Pure Romance Consultant, purchasing PR products or becoming a Consultant yourself please feel free to email me:

SN: Never give up on your goals & dreams! If you fall, get up, dust yourself off and try it again!!!!

Spotlight!!!-->Ivanna's Journey to Curly!!!

This girl's waves and curls are amazing...Check her out and you will see what I see..

Her Big Chop..^^

See that length...^^

Soo lovely!!^^

She also has a YT and check her out...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Mixed Chicks....Uggh!!!

OoOoOoOoOo...Yall done f'ed up now with that "#teamlightskin" tweet yall did..

I hope yall know that you guys will be losing out a bit on the thing that matters...some "#teamgreen"

I just hope it was an honest mistake because as a chocolate girl...that pissed me off a tad bit..

Hope yall didn't mean it..

Okay that's all I had to say about that issue...

Spotlight!!!-->Amy V.

This girl is just gorgeous!! I had to go to feature her...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spotlight!!!-->The 1 && Only ((SummyR1988))

She has helped me when I was transitioning a whole freaking bunch--I am delighted to have her on my blog...One of the reasons I asked her was because she is very sweet, down to earth and I felt that I was able to relate to her..She is a friend in my head!!--I love her cat Domino as well!!

Here is her story...

I had always wanted curly hair and didn't realize I already had it. I did braid outs, bantu knots outs (even though I didn't know what they were called then), and roller sets to get my hair to appear curly. I relaxed my hair because that's what I had always done. It didn't seem that there was any other option. I watched a girl in my church transition and get her hair pressed and dyed. I decided to transition, but do it in a healthier way. I turned to youtube to see if anyone had ideas about natural hair care. Then my eyes were opened.

In April 08 I decided to stop relaxing my hair. I was tired of looking like everyone else. I wanted to see what my real hair looked like. I got my first relaxer at age 7, so I had no idea what my texture was like. During my transition I watched TONS of youtube videos about natural hair. I learned alot in those 8 months. I learned the best way to transition, what to avoid on my journey, and what products to look for. I kept my hair in braids and cornrows almost the whole time. The lovely ladies who came before me helped prepare me for my own journey. As I watched them I developed my game plan. My game plan was simply to avoid the mistakes that they made with color and heat.

I BC'd December 28, 2008 at a salon inside my local Wal-Mart. I figured it wouldn't take a whole lot of skill to determine the relaxed hair from the natural hair. It was the best $12.00 I ever spent. I was thrilled to be free of my relaxed hair. Many people in my life were stunned. I explained it to them as being quality vs quantity. I would much rather have a little bit of very healthy hair than damaged hair that was down to my waist.

I started making videos on youtube shortly after my BC. I had been commenting and messaging all the ladies who inspired me, so my first video was just to put a face with the name Summyr1988. Then people really started watching. I started because I felt the need too give back to the community that helped me so much. Also, many of the people I watched during my transition no longer make videos. So I was determined to chronicle my whole journey and stick around to show people that natural hair is fly. I truly believe in being an ambassador for natural hair.

Now I have 100+ videos on youtube and over 9000 subscribers. I am extremely thankful for the wonderful natural hair community that we belong to. Going natural wasn't a trend or fad for me. It was a lifestyle change for the better. I have never felt more confident than I do now. I feel that I look the way God intended.

How great!!!!

Check out some of her YouTube videos...

Spotlight!!!-->Christine aka. Miss L.Bombshell...

We became great friends on
&&& we are also friends on Twitter---@Louis_BomBshell

Her TWA is gorgeous!!!