Sunday, July 25, 2010

5 Year Hair Growth Plan!!!

I decided I want to do a 5 year growth challenge for myself...
By the time I am 30..I want my hair to be long as BSL ((Bra-Strap Lenght))

I also want to make it as healthy as possible..even though hair is dead..

My hair is currently shoulder length.. stretched out...and when wet...

It shrinks to mid-neck length,oh well..


I will take more vitamins and since I don't really use direct heat anyways...I will limit it in the future..
I also will straighten it out for length in the future..
I am waiting until my 1st BC anniversary to straighten it out(w/ a heat protection spray..and see how it looks..

Roller-Setting my Natural Hair...

It was quite a easy process...better than I thought it would be... ((IF MY PHOTOS COME OUT HUGE...BLAME PHOTOBUCKET...I DID TRY TO MAKE THEM SMALLER))


I shampooed my hair with Organix Vanilla Silk Shampoo
Conditioned my hair with Tresemme Flawless Curls/Suave Coconut conditioner
Applied Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine leave in conditioner..

Sectioned my hair into parts and started to roller set my hair... It came out pretty well...



I can't believe my hair has grown so much that I am using the orange hair is soon to be the same length it was before when I was relaxed..



its okay...Milo kept me company...



I spent an hour under this great Vidal Sassoon home hair dryer for about an hour.. It dried my hair fast but I slept with my rollers on for the rest of the night...


Took the rollers out and these are the results...




I will do it more often...maybe in the fall/winter months..too hot for the summer!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Adore!!! Miss Key 10 En 1-Super Conditioner....


I search far and wide for a protein deep conditioner and I think I found the one...
No.. Protein sensitivity occurred after this treatment..well for my hair..

My hair came out strong but soft to the touch,it felt great!!!

Here are the ingredients:
All on jar: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Gilcerin, Propylene Glycol, Alcohol Estearilico, Distearoylamidoethyl Monium Methosulfate, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Polysorbate 60, Pentaerythrityl, Tetraisostearate, Lactamide, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Dimethicone, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methyl Propyl Paraben, Ceramide, FD&C Yellow #5 and FD&C Red #40.

and directions...

After shampooing, apply a small amount and leave in for 10 minutes then rinse with normal temperature water.

BUT I left it on for 30 minutes...

It gets my stamp of approval!!! Nickki B Curly Approved!!!

Love it Dammit!!
Until Next Time..

Sunday's Inspiration!!!!--Lady Tigra && New Protein Treatment Conditioner

Her hair is hawt to goodness....

Some pics courtesy of LIFE Magazine...
Y'all had da best photos of her....







I felt like Agnes in Despicable Me..when I saw her hair..

Despicable Me Pictures, Images and Photos

I love that damn have to see it!!!

Despicable Me Pictures, Images and Photos

By the way.. I retouched my roots with my fav Textures and Tones by Clairol..


It looks great...

Afterwards I HAD TO GOT TO put in a protein treatment so I made a mixture of my own


1 Egg
1 tube of the Pantene Relaxed and Natural Deep Conditoner that comes in the dye boxes
2 Teaspoons of Olive Oil
2 Teaspoons of 10 En 1 Super Conditioner...(Gotta do a review on that)
and 2 squeezes of Vanilla Silk Organix Conditioner

I mixed it all up and put it on my hair and left it for an hour..

My freshly dyed hair felt better!!!-Boucle bitches after a dye job...

I wash it all out and put my hair in a braid out.. With This...




&& sealed my ends with this...


I'll take pics on how it turned out... blog post!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

M.I.A. Makeup Tutorial..

Its from her Nylon Magazine Issue--July 2010..

I love it!!


Here's my YT video.. Sorry for the low volume.. I dropped my laptop

At least its still working...

Here it goes... Enjoy!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Date Night Hair...7/10/10


Wash && Go Cowash..

I used..
1.)Tresemme Flawless && Organix Vanilla Silk Conditioner to wash scalp.
2.)Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Conditioner for conditioning my ends..
3.)Kinky Curly Knot Today as a Leave in Conditioner.
4.)Organic Root Stimulator-Nature's Shine to oil the ends.
5.)Eco-Styler Styling Gel((Olive Oil))

My New Inspiration...


I have no idea who she is..but I want my hair around this length by March 2011.That was when I received my last relaxer and I am determined to get it this length of maybe even longer. I saw this pic and I went GaGa over this!!.. I really like the length but with my texture... her texture and my texture looks alike... Anywhoo!!! I just fell in love!!!

Amazing Natural Divas::Alisha


This beeeeyoutiful diva was tired of the perms and wanted a fresh start...

Here's her story...

I so never didn't do the whole transitioniong thing, but the last time i got a perm was February 2010. I was so sick of the perm and how it was so damaging and I mean it was really putting a dent in my Pocket..! every time i went to the hair dresser she would tell me about something different..! So i did my research about natural hair , talk to my mother about it and then lastly i did a pro & con list and the pro's out did the con's so I went and got the "Big Chop" on March 31,2010 and I never looked back, It kinda made me sad for a minute because i didn't have anymore hair lol.. but I was like its a fresh start. And i LOVE it.! it was something i guess my friends as to get use to but i mean they are in love with it now.! But this is the New me and my hair is so healthy and i don't have to worry about it breaking as much or keeping up with perms and thing like that..!


((Alisha Before her BC))

My hair reutine is:
I co-wash every morning towel dry and use shea butter with some oils like (Almond oil, Coconut oil) and use leave in conditioner
I was deep condition once week and hot condition treatment for about 20 or 30 mins each. nd that it..! Simple

I love love shea butter I use it in my hair skin everywhere..!


((Alisha Transitioning && her all Natural))

Thank you very much for asking and my blogg.. is it is something new..!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Song that Made My Day!!

By Peter Bjorn and John

Friday, July 9, 2010

Product Review!!!-Veet Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Skin


Okay Lovies...

As beautiful and gorgeous I may be... I have to admit one thing...



So.. I dashed to Duane Reade and got this veet crap...
I had to get it for sensitive skin because I do have sensitive skin..

I love did not burn my upper lip at all..

I rather do this than wax or thread any day!!!

My peach fuzz is gone and its smooth.. NO MORE STACHE!!

No more feeling like this....((below))
(: Pictures, Images and Photos

HeHe... Happy Friday!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Little Walk Down Central Park....

After I got out of work...before I was late for class...I walked down Central Park and took random pictures...


Looking at the trees....


Taxi Cab in Traffic...


Goats at the zoo.....


I'll call him Brownie...


Still waiting for the bus...




Those damn tour buses....uggh...


Yay!!!..My bus..finally!!!


Gotta get on now....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey!!! I Got Some New Shoes On!!!!


I got these fierce shoes from H&M today...


I bought them for 7 buckaroos...






Love Them!!!

Song that Made My Day!!

D.A.N.C.E by Justice... hehe!!

Amazing Natural Divas:: Meme Miirez

Here is one of my school buddies at Berkeley College && she might be petite...but she packs a big her hair is soooooooooooooo FLY!!!!!--She just made her 15th month mark of being natural...

Introducing!!!--Ms. MeMe!!!!


Well my natural hair story started out like many other ladies... I didnt know what my hair was like in its natural state because i had a relaxer since i was 10 years old...and b4 that my hair was always done for me so i had no clue what it was like...I had no idea why my mom relaxed my hair but she she did say it was getting unmanagable and it would knot up and stuff like that ...but anyways my hair was fairly healthy when it was relaxed, it was about full shoulder length but then as the years went by it was obvious that the relaxer and me werent friends hair was breaking, DRY, brittle, no body, completely lifeless....smh....and it took me 8 years to realize that i dont need to put myself through this agony....soo the transitioning stage began....I transitioned from october to april 10th(my Natural hair anniversary)....the only things i did to my hair was braided styles, weaves, or wigs...So after i did the BC that when I decided to learned everything about caring for natural hair...that meant new hair care routines/tools/products....but the funny thing is the longer my hair gets, its like im starting all over again , its soo weird but i get use to the change.... I also learned that patience is key and when you start worrying about LENGTH you only stress yourself out because no matter what you do, your hair is going to grow at whatever rate it wants....


But its always good to set goals for your hair.
for example My goals are:
-Over all healthier hair( no split ends, soft shiny, manageable, strong)
-to reach full armpit length (stretched)
- wear my hair in more protective styles
-find one hair care line perfect for me because right now i have alot of products from all kinds of hair care lines
-More accessories!!!!

...I can proudly say I love my curls even though i have 3 types of curl patterns goin on my hair BUT i love that my hair isn't like anyone else's and i always felt my hair was boring when it was relaxed but now its natural i learned to style and take care of it all by myself and now i feel like i can do anything as long as I put my all into it...... Since going natural I inspired alot of my friends and family to go natural or to take better care of their hair (relaxed and natural) and thats wat makes it even more enjoyable for me, knowing that im an inspiration means soo much.......I will never regret going natural and I never go back to relaxing my hair.

a comic strip!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amazing Natural Divas:: Zainab1

Here is one amazing natural diva named Zainab1..She has a few pointers to share with us...

Since she is a Muslim woman, she cannot expose her hair in public.. but I have a feeling her hair is gorgeous.

&& if you have a problem with that or her..well kiss my ass cuz this is my blog...anywhoo..This is her wonderful journey...


Flowers, Flower, Floral Pictures, Images and Photos

Hello, to all of the fabulous natural ladies out there, let me introduce my self I am Zainab1 of" AuNaturale" natural hair blog.

My Hair journey

My hair journey was one of choice and complete ease as with all of the decisions I make in my life. No major decision had to be made , I just went for it ! ( lol). Having had been a hairstylist for 12 + years it allowed me to see and work with many different textures of hair. But, one that I always, seem to admire more often that not were the ladies who wore their hair natural & Big ( I looove big hair!) I would compliment them on their hair and say to myself their hair is FLY !!!!. One day I was searching the net and came across the site " le coil it was there I saw some of the flyest naturals, I mean sharp ! you hear me ( lol). It was then I had a light bulb moment. I said I am going to do it...I am going to embrace natural hair!. I then talked it over with my husband, explaning the BC process and he said go for it and thought the entire idea was great and has been super supportive every since and has since incouraged me to start a on line store along with making and selling all natural hair products. I then went onto my all time biggest fans and supporters 5 children . My 2 boys were a little unsure about it at first...boys! ( they have since fell in love with mom's natural hair as well, lol) my 3 girls were as excitied as me and were on board all the way. So, I went for it! I BC'd ...June of 2009, I have been natural for 1 year and some change and haven't looked back since !

What I wish I had known before going natural ?

The understanding of the pH balance and the very important understanding of pH levels along with ingredients in the products I was using in my hair....but, thankfully I got it now!
and learning more and more daily.

My weekly hair routine....

Pre-poo weekly - Herb infused olive oil
Shampoo : Kinky-Curly come clean ( a pH balanced moisturizing shampoo) or
Carrot seed Shampoo Bar by Afro veda ( also pH balanced)
Deep moisturizing Conditioning - Aubreys Organics Honeysuckle rose...with a little herb infused Olive oil, glycerin, honey and aloe vera juice added.
Protein treatment ( bi-weekly) - Avocado treatment....Avocado, coconut milk, honey , herb infused olive oil.
oil rinse ( when needed) - herb infused olive oil.
Herbal infused black tea rinse.
Leave-in conditioner ( by kim from youtube)- Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner...with a little Aloe vera juice, castor oil, and oilve oil ( love this little number, its great!)
Moisturze, seal and if wearing a wash n go afro style - I use Uncle Funkys Daughter " Curly Magic" ( looove this stuff)
Pure whipped gelly by AfroVeda.

There you have it my hair regimen and all of my favorite hair products all wrapped in to one ( smiles)

The products I would stay away from would be...

Anything with a pH level higher than 7 and lower than 5....any sulfate and cone products.
I really try to keep my hair products as close to natural as possible. And , my hair thanks me for that each and every time.

My words of wisdom :

Remember what may work for someone eles hair , may not at all work for your hair. Do your research ! research, research, research ! lastly, EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY....ENJOY...AND CELEBRATE !

A very special thanks to Nikki B. owner of this fabulous blog for allowing me to share my journey with the rest of the natural hair community. When , nikki contacted me asking for a few pictures to be included It was then that I explained That I am a muslim women and I would be unable to expose my hair in public. She totally understood and shared that she was still interested in featuring me on her blog. How Awesome is that !!!! and for that nikki , I say "Thank you" for allowing me the opportunity of my very first feature ( smiles)

Feel free to visit me at I would love to hear from you ladies.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fros on the 4th!!!

Thanks to a reader on LHCF...she created National Afro day for July 4th so u know I had to participate...

So here is my fro for July 4th!!

a comic strip!

Friday, July 2, 2010