Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Years Natural!!!-My Curlyversary!!!

Okay guys... its a long one.. lol

BIG CHOP--- 9/23/09

I stepped out the shower, put down the scissors and wiped the steam off the mirror. "MahHhHhHhHh... My hair is all gone!!". I look to me left I small pile of relaxed hair at the corner of the bathroom... As I think to myself.. I know that there is no turning back now, and I have to live with what I just did. Knowing that morning after I have to go to school and go to work. The rush of adernaline was in my system for the rest of the night. I was scared to hear what my mom would say. I opened the door.. a rush of steam leaves the bathroom...leaving my fears in my heart.. My mom looks at me and says "That was the hair my baby was born with". From there I knew that I made the right decision.

One Year Natural--9/23/10

--What a year that was. The year of the product junkie. I bought everything and anything the YouTube natural hair guru's bought and became extremely upset that that products did not work for me."What the hell!!, I did everything she did and nothing..and where are my curls?!?!". Imagine that time I thought I would not have any curls at all. I also thought that I had to make sure I did not look like a boy in the early months so big earrings was my best friend at the time. The first month flew by so fast.. I finally mastered my wash and go and my curls finally came in... BUT they had different coil patterns and textures and for the next 5-6 months I had to master the way to deal with the three types of textures and what products would work well for all THREE of my textures. I also named my hair Boucle'--French meaning for "to curl". It so sassy and she like the name too!
--Oh I cannot forget about coloring my hair!!!--People say that you cannot color..BLAH BLAH BLAH.... As you can see.. I color my hair permanently and my mane is looking great and feeling great. You have to condition, moisturize and seal... Doing those three things will make your hair look totally awesome.. I finally got the hang of co-washing around that since I started to color and wanted to retain as much moisture as possible.My hair grew a lot faster than I thought. I constantly did wash and goes...Never did much protective styling...

Fast Forward--Two Years Natural 9/23/11
--This was the year when I started to do protective styling.. My hair was getting long and that past winter it was really cold in New York.. I realized one night that could not do any wash and goes because the cold weather would literally freeze my hair.. I immediately fell in love with twist-outs. My hair grew like crazy!!! I celebrated my year curlyversary by dying my hair black. Permanently. BIG MISTAKE. I got bored with it immediately, and the only way to get rid of the black was to bleach my hair brown. Boucle' had such a bitch fit that March when I dyed it. She was so dry.. I doubled up on conditioning which made her more calm and relaxed. I also blew out my hair twice after I became a year natural. I was very surprised of how long my hair was getting.. but I did not feel like it was me anymore. After two to three days I go back to curly. I did not mind at all.
--I also found things that actually work on hair depending on what I wanted. From the Oils I adore like Grapeseed, Olive, Sweet Almond to products like Bee Mine, Kinky Curly, Hair Rules, Eco-Styler and Curlz. Depending on how I wanted me hair to look.. I go to those certain products. I also made a shea butter that I actually liked because the other ones I bought I never really liked.. My Grapefruit-Vanilla scent drove me wild and my ends loved it in the summer. I was and still constantly doing protective braid-outs and twist-outs... I also put senegalese twists in for my birthday.. but only for a month because I missed my hair.

Boucle is in a protective style because I bought myself a wig for my curlyversary.. I will be wearing it tomorrow for a natural-hair meet up. I ordered some business cards for myself because I am planning to take my blogging seriously and I am proud of myself and I just want to share my journey with everyone.

I am happy that I made the decision to become natural. It is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.


  1. Great post! Being natural is so fun :-) Happy Curliversary!

  2. Great post!! I just BC'd one month ago