Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spotlight!!!-->The 1 && Only ((SummyR1988))

She has helped me when I was transitioning a whole freaking bunch--I am delighted to have her on my blog...One of the reasons I asked her was because she is very sweet, down to earth and I felt that I was able to relate to her..She is a friend in my head!!--I love her cat Domino as well!!

Here is her story...

I had always wanted curly hair and didn't realize I already had it. I did braid outs, bantu knots outs (even though I didn't know what they were called then), and roller sets to get my hair to appear curly. I relaxed my hair because that's what I had always done. It didn't seem that there was any other option. I watched a girl in my church transition and get her hair pressed and dyed. I decided to transition, but do it in a healthier way. I turned to youtube to see if anyone had ideas about natural hair care. Then my eyes were opened.

In April 08 I decided to stop relaxing my hair. I was tired of looking like everyone else. I wanted to see what my real hair looked like. I got my first relaxer at age 7, so I had no idea what my texture was like. During my transition I watched TONS of youtube videos about natural hair. I learned alot in those 8 months. I learned the best way to transition, what to avoid on my journey, and what products to look for. I kept my hair in braids and cornrows almost the whole time. The lovely ladies who came before me helped prepare me for my own journey. As I watched them I developed my game plan. My game plan was simply to avoid the mistakes that they made with color and heat.

I BC'd December 28, 2008 at a salon inside my local Wal-Mart. I figured it wouldn't take a whole lot of skill to determine the relaxed hair from the natural hair. It was the best $12.00 I ever spent. I was thrilled to be free of my relaxed hair. Many people in my life were stunned. I explained it to them as being quality vs quantity. I would much rather have a little bit of very healthy hair than damaged hair that was down to my waist.

I started making videos on youtube shortly after my BC. I had been commenting and messaging all the ladies who inspired me, so my first video was just to put a face with the name Summyr1988. Then people really started watching. I started because I felt the need too give back to the community that helped me so much. Also, many of the people I watched during my transition no longer make videos. So I was determined to chronicle my whole journey and stick around to show people that natural hair is fly. I truly believe in being an ambassador for natural hair.

Now I have 100+ videos on youtube and over 9000 subscribers. I am extremely thankful for the wonderful natural hair community that we belong to. Going natural wasn't a trend or fad for me. It was a lifestyle change for the better. I have never felt more confident than I do now. I feel that I look the way God intended.

How great!!!!

Check out some of her YouTube videos...

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