Sunday, February 7, 2010

LITK Meetup at DoJo'sYesterday!!!!

OMFG!!! It was amazing!!!

Seeing all these beautiful women with all these beautiful hairstyles discussing what they do or not do to their hair was freaking amazing. I mean I got there late because I woke up late and then I got lost but I am so glad I got there because it was wonderful. I forgot my camera so I was not able to get pics but I will most def. get some pics sometime thus week to show you guys and girls...

Z-is sooo hot!! I think I have a teeny tiny crush on her... she is just so cool!!!

Here is her blog!!!-->

I wish I can say my night ended well...

Well, when I left Dojo's Restaurant, I had a terrible headache that converted into a migraine...I have no idea how I made it home but I can tell you that I threw up all of the guacamole and chips that I have consumed in front of my neighbor's house and i threw up all over my bed...YUCK!!!!-My mom cleaned up all of my mess and I went to sleep..curled up into a ball until like 3 the morning. I woke up, migraine gone!!!!! Cold as ever because my space-heater was really bright and when I have a migraine, I cannot stand light or noise...I finally was able to stand light and turn on my space-heater and finally able to go to sleep.

My cats and dog slept by me all morning... I woke up much much better..

&& I am writing this post right now..

Ta-Ta 4 Now!!

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