Friday, February 26, 2010

Hmmm... The Next Stage..Goodbye TWA??

Boucle' you are changing....Goodbye TWA(Teeny Weeny Afro)

Well, I think my hair is growing out of that TWA stage. My hair has new demands

1. De-tangling more since the longer my hair is getting, the more knots I am having, so that means combing twice a week instead of once a week when I had a TWA.

2. Boucle' is getting fairy knots!!!-How the hell this happens?? No damn clue!!!-but I have to.... moisturize my hair more than usual.. but now...I am braking out like crazy!! now I have to figure something else out...

3. Boucle' cannot stand product I have to use a cheap clarifying shampoo for my hair once a least or she will bitch and make my scalp itch.

I am going to miss having a TWA. It is quite of a adjustment changing my routine a but to accommodate everything but I am loving this journey!!

Slowly saying goodbye to this..

and slowly growing into this...

and what might clue!!
? Pictures, Images and Photos

but i'll let you ppl know...

Gotta go but come back now!!!

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