Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got My Hair did at Hair Rules!!!--&& other stuff...

----Note:-Sorry ladies and gents... I was moving for the past few days and I totally did not have any internet access and i had to wait a few days for the cable guy to come in and finally get my damn internet on...Anywhoo----

Yes!! One of my things off my Christmas list can be scratched off!!

I got my hair consulted, washed, cut, and styled at Hair Rules.

Dailey, the stylist gave me some great pointers...

Here is my its cloud 9 state..

Now.. Here is my hair...

I also went to another Hair Rules event... Called "Blow Me Away!". Dickey and his other hair stylists taught us how to use their new hair products called Blow Out your Kinks, Curls and waves..

Here are some pics of the event!!

It was very informative...

For my type of hair...which I know now that it is curly but dense...that I need to keep it hydrated all the time...&& if I wanted to get my hair straightened, I need to use a blow dryer with a come attachment and dry in sections. After that I need to use a flat-iron and flat iron in sections.. and always use a protectant like blow out your curls that they just debut so my curls will be curls when I decided to wash it after I straightened it.

It was great!!!

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