Saturday, August 8, 2009

&& Another One....Ladies!!

What I have noticed lately.... That all the girls... that are trying to show off their bodies on the net... Trying to bag madd women and man with their sensuality... Its okay boo-boo do ya thing.. DO YO MO'FUGGIN THANG!!!...I have a few pics myself... but what set MYSELF from other lame ass ladies is AT LEAST MY UNDERWEAR MATCHED!!!

Yes dammit... What really grinds my gears this Saturday is that the crazy ass girls be trying to look all good but then you have a white bra on with some brown poo-poo looking underwear on. Then you gonna say that you are looking all sexy and classy and shit...NNNNNAAAHHH BOO-BOO that is not sexy at all... It just makes you look like these pics that your momma be taking when you are like 3 years old that she shows off to her family and friends saying that "Oh look, Nay-Nay is trying to dress herself now...Ain't that cute?!?!". AhHhHh I am tired of seeing this shit.. It makes my fucking head hurt.

Okay...Okay.. I feel much better now..

Here is a pic for a reference:

Britney rich so your ass should know better...Uggh...

Well...until something else gets on my nerves...

See Yah!!

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