Friday, August 7, 2009

What Really Grinds My Gears...8/7/09

What really fuckin grinds my gears today????

Well I was on the 39 bus going home from a undisclosed location(nosey ass ppl)...and anyone that knows about the 39 bus, they KNOW that shit is crowded as hell. Well I am standing in the back just getting knocked over every damn stop or getting my feet stepped on, this young man decides to get right in front of me like he is my man or something so I politely said excuse me. Oh man!!! when I actually looked at his motherfuckin face....It was unbelieveable... He was sweating and shit...It is only 78 degress outside ppl... It is not that hot! Tomorrow is a different story. Anyways getting back on track, he had this crusty, white, flaky looking shit around his damn mouth. Then after I saw all that shit... He is falling asleep on people, and this unfamilar smell just came out of his nasty pores.... I felt like I was going to fucking gag... and all my closest friends know that I have a gag reflex like there is no tomorrow... I had to concentrate going home because I wanted a vanilla ice coffe from McDonalds..... Damn I am addicted to those... But I survived... and I do have my ice coffee dag-gonnit!!!!

Thanks to all the people that actually looked at my blog... Jimmy && Jennifer... thanks for all your comments... bring them on and if you have any suggestions let my black ass know..

Until Next Time...

BTW-This picture above^^^^ is how the person I was speaking of with the white crusties around his mouth looked like....^^^^ But I distorted her face in the pic... and the person I was talking about is a guy.. LMAO...

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