Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hair Rules Billboard && Product Launch Party in Pictures...

Yoo..I survived the hangover and I loved partying with these people!!--I have made so much new friends that I will forever keep inmy heart.. Remember I am just a regular girl from the Bronx with curly/kinky hair and I recieved an opportunity of lifetime that has changed my life!! I really appreciate it...Soo time to show these damn pictures..

Here we go my friends!!!

This is my new friend Tisha.. she can bake her ass off.. Follow her on twitter at @TreatsbyTisha

This is Tisha and another blogger--John Simon...He's on twitter too--@JohnSimonJSD

The crowd and the vibes was and liquor was flowing throughout the lounge...

Veronica Webb && Russel Simmons came out...some stars to name a few...I just forgot to take their pics..

&& of course I met Dickey!!!

These girls are just fab!!!--Loved talking to them..They are Superdeeduper bloggers...follow them on twitter--@izzibag,@bevisible
&& @copelann

&& Here is the amazing Billboard Cover!!!

I really loved this party...and Hair Rules deserves all the luck in the world..They have worked hard so they might as well party hard...and I finally tried their products from their goody bag...and their products are just great!!!-

I think its time for me to make an appointment there ASAP!!!!

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