Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Random Hair Length Check...

Hey my blog fam...I decided to to a random hair length check at work..( I know bad Nickki...) lol but its whatever... but I was so surprised what I found... So here is the infomation before I BC...

Decided to go natural--March 2009
BC-Sept. 23rd 2009--6 months into transitioning..
One Year Anniversary--Sept. 23rd 2010....DUH!!
Hair Length Check(Aug. 2010)
->Front-6 inches
->Back-6 inches
->Sides-6 inches
->Crown-6 1/2 inches...

I took out random sections of the front, back, sides and crown and measured/compare soo here are the results...
->Front-8 1/4 inches
->Back-8 1/2 inches
->Sides-8 1/4 inches
-> Crown-9 inches..

WHHHHHHATTT!!- I really cannot believe this... The only thing I have been doing is Protective Styling..
Basically.. Braid-outs and Twist-outs... and when I am lazy.. put a satin cap and beanie on Boucle...No direct heat.. and started to use Grapeseed oil...

I will continue to do this.. Boucle likes it...and TWO inches in 3 months proves it!!

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