Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saturday Night....Uggh...Rewritten...lol

** I posted this during the party but blogger fucked it up** SMH...

Hey guys, this is one of my WRGMG type of things... Okay I was at a party last night which I sort of had a good time.. but one of my friends saw some dude and she is suddenly all over him and now I am the third wheel. I just cannot stand being the third wheel and I cannot stand when I just feel dropped at a drop of a dime over some stranger that she just met a few hours ago. Me personally, I cannot do that. Especially if I invited a friend to a party with stranger that they don't even know and all of a sudden I see a guy and drop my best friend for a dude... I just can't do that...I am too considerate for that shit to happen. I like to make everyone feel welcome wherever I go... That is just how I roll..

** UPDATE**->I don't wanna go on cuz its get me mad again and I need to digress from that crap...

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