Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Amazing Natural Divas:: Zainab1

Here is one amazing natural diva named Zainab1..She has a few pointers to share with us...

Since she is a Muslim woman, she cannot expose her hair in public.. but I have a feeling her hair is gorgeous.

&& if you have a problem with that or her..well kiss my ass cuz this is my blog...anywhoo..This is her wonderful journey...


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Hello, to all of the fabulous natural ladies out there, let me introduce my self I am Zainab1 of" AuNaturale" natural hair blog.

My Hair journey

My hair journey was one of choice and complete ease as with all of the decisions I make in my life. No major decision had to be made , I just went for it ! ( lol). Having had been a hairstylist for 12 + years it allowed me to see and work with many different textures of hair. But, one that I always, seem to admire more often that not were the ladies who wore their hair natural & Big ( I looove big hair!) I would compliment them on their hair and say to myself their hair is FLY !!!!. One day I was searching the net and came across the site " le coil http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ it was there I saw some of the flyest naturals, I mean sharp ! you hear me ( lol). It was then I had a light bulb moment. I said I am going to do it...I am going to embrace natural hair!. I then talked it over with my husband, explaning the BC process and he said go for it and thought the entire idea was great and has been super supportive every since and has since incouraged me to start a on line store along with making and selling all natural hair products. I then went onto my all time biggest fans and supporters ...my 5 children . My 2 boys were a little unsure about it at first...boys! ( they have since fell in love with mom's natural hair as well, lol) my 3 girls were as excitied as me and were on board all the way. So, I went for it! I BC'd ...June of 2009, I have been natural for 1 year and some change and haven't looked back since !

What I wish I had known before going natural ?

The understanding of the pH balance and the very important understanding of pH levels along with ingredients in the products I was using in my hair....but, thankfully I got it now!
and learning more and more daily.

My weekly hair routine....

Pre-poo weekly - Herb infused olive oil
Shampoo : Kinky-Curly come clean ( a pH balanced moisturizing shampoo) or
Carrot seed Shampoo Bar by Afro veda ( also pH balanced)
Deep moisturizing Conditioning - Aubreys Organics Honeysuckle rose...with a little herb infused Olive oil, glycerin, honey and aloe vera juice added.
Protein treatment ( bi-weekly) - Avocado treatment....Avocado, coconut milk, honey , herb infused olive oil.
oil rinse ( when needed) - herb infused olive oil.
Herbal infused black tea rinse.
Leave-in conditioner ( by kim from youtube)- Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner...with a little Aloe vera juice, castor oil, and oilve oil ( love this little number, its great!)
Moisturze, seal and if wearing a wash n go afro style - I use Uncle Funkys Daughter " Curly Magic" ( looove this stuff)
Pure whipped gelly by AfroVeda.

There you have it my hair regimen and all of my favorite hair products all wrapped in to one ( smiles)

The products I would stay away from would be...

Anything with a pH level higher than 7 and lower than 5....any sulfate and cone products.
I really try to keep my hair products as close to natural as possible. And , my hair thanks me for that each and every time.

My words of wisdom :

Remember what may work for someone eles hair , may not at all work for your hair. Do your research ! research, research, research ! lastly, EMBRACE YOUR JOURNEY....ENJOY...AND CELEBRATE !

A very special thanks to Nikki B. owner of this fabulous blog for allowing me to share my journey with the rest of the natural hair community. When , nikki contacted me asking for a few pictures to be included It was then that I explained That I am a muslim women and I would be unable to expose my hair in public. She totally understood and shared that she was still interested in featuring me on her blog. How Awesome is that !!!! and for that nikki , I say "Thank you" for allowing me the opportunity of my very first feature ( smiles)

Feel free to visit me at AuNaturale007.blogspot.com I would love to hear from you ladies.