Sunday, July 11, 2010

Amazing Natural Divas::Alisha


This beeeeyoutiful diva was tired of the perms and wanted a fresh start...

Here's her story...

I so never didn't do the whole transitioniong thing, but the last time i got a perm was February 2010. I was so sick of the perm and how it was so damaging and I mean it was really putting a dent in my Pocket..! every time i went to the hair dresser she would tell me about something different..! So i did my research about natural hair , talk to my mother about it and then lastly i did a pro & con list and the pro's out did the con's so I went and got the "Big Chop" on March 31,2010 and I never looked back, It kinda made me sad for a minute because i didn't have anymore hair lol.. but I was like its a fresh start. And i LOVE it.! it was something i guess my friends as to get use to but i mean they are in love with it now.! But this is the New me and my hair is so healthy and i don't have to worry about it breaking as much or keeping up with perms and thing like that..!


((Alisha Before her BC))

My hair reutine is:
I co-wash every morning towel dry and use shea butter with some oils like (Almond oil, Coconut oil) and use leave in conditioner
I was deep condition once week and hot condition treatment for about 20 or 30 mins each. nd that it..! Simple

I love love shea butter I use it in my hair skin everywhere..!


((Alisha Transitioning && her all Natural))

Thank you very much for asking and my blogg.. is it is something new..!